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Citizen Action Report 2005

Citizen Action Report 2005Protecting California's Public Health and Environment through Citizen Action

This report examines the influence of private enforcement, identifies key challenges, and provides recommendations for continued progress. read the report >

CLEEN Answers

I am worried that budget cuts are jeopardizing our state's ability to ensure a safe and healthy environment?  What can I do as a private citizen?  I don't think that we can count on government enforcement to protect our public health by itself.


Budget cuts to environmental enforcement programs are a serious and growing threat.  CLEEN believes it is imperative to strengthen personal enforcement provisions if the state is to maintain its public health and environmental protections.

Coalition Campaigns.

Protect your right to defend the environment and public health.  Help preserve the right of every Californian to take action for a cleaner, safer, and healthier future. 
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Your right to know.

A vital part of ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment is holding accountable those government agencies charged with regulating toxics.
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